Think ahead and set the vibe high.

When you wake up do you reach for your phone and check emails, facebook or the news?

When you wake up do you look forward to what the day may bring?

It is natural for us to think about the day and perhaps feel concerned about what is ahead, maybe worrying if we will be well enough to cope with the day, maybe worrying about finances, who we have to meet, or what work we have to complete. Our lives are busy and full of challenges but they are also full of opportunities and growth.

So, how we start our day is important because it sets the vibe for what we experience subsequently. What you think about you bring about so starting the day thinking only positive thoughts will influence the day that you experience.

How to raise your vibration and your day ahead 

When you wake, start by taking three deep breaths, and feel present in your body, affirm that you are grateful to be here and that you are grateful for the day.

After this state that you are open and ready to receive miracles on this day. Imagine yourself in a golden bubble that is a magnet for abundance.

Then, from your heart centre push golden energy down your future timeline ahead of your day blessing all you do, all you meet and everywhere you are to go. Project the golden energy outwards for a minute or so sending love and light to each and every aspect your day ahead. If you are going to be facing what you consider to be a difficult situation or person make sure you send in extra love and light.

Start to create a high vibration of energy ahead of time and observe how your life changes.

Love and Light to you