"Perfect health is my Divine right, and I claim it now"
Louise Hay

"Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body."
Irene Claremont de Castillejo

"The best kept secret in medicine is that under the right conditions, the body can heal itself"
Dr Michael Greger

"Every person has their own colour"
Haruki Murakami

"Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colour"
No idea who said that!


Welcome to The Holistic Coach

Do you want to create change in mind, body and soul?

I intuitively use a combination of techniques to support people to nourish their mind, body and soul to create conscious change in their lives. By using techniques that are accessed by the sub conscious mind true transformation can take place to lead an empowered life.

Through personal experience with my own health challenges and with many years working in the complementary therapy field I know that at different stages on our personal journeys different techniques are accessed at a deeper level than at other times. Have you ever read something then sometime later read it again and it resonated with you on a completely different level? You took from it so much more than before. That is what I do. I work with people on a mind, body and soul level to see things from a different perspective, I empower them to reread the patterns of their lives, access the sub conscious beliefs that hold them back and manage the ego patterns that serve to keep them safe.

I use a combination of techniques to nourish and align the mind, body and soul to free people from past pains, current symptoms and future fears to live their life in wellness and with confidence. Using a fusion of nutritional therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), meditation, life, colour and art coaching great change can happen moving into flow. I also support people with intuitive graphic design to create logos and marketing resources that can reflect their true colours.

Contact me to book your consultation today or book in for a FREE 20 minute clarity call to discuss your concerns and goals and together we can choose the next step forward for you.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Rebecca Daffeh

My Latest Blog Posts


Looking after yourself

Holistic Health

Holistic Health is your overall state of wellness taking into account your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual and how each part affects you as a whole. The mind, body and spirit are intertwined and each is affected by the food you eat, your thoughts, your relationships and the environment. Many of us lead stressful lifestyles and are juggling the work – life balance which places pressure on the body’s natural internal resources. Our bodies then give us a sign such as a cold, headache or digestive problems to name a few to say ‘slow down and take better care of me’. If these signs are ignored the imbalance will get worse and chronic illness may develop.


The art of health and wellbeing


Colour is everywhere, whether we consciously notice it or not, it is having an effect on us right now. Colour is light and energy and we are able to see it because it reflects, bends and refracts. Knowing this, colour can be used to our advantage to positively affect our mental, physical and emotional health. Colours have a frequency and vibration which hold specific properties and it is these properties that may be used to affect the energy of our bodies. Colour Coaching can create positive change from reducing stress, depression and anxiety and provide motivation, inspiration and energy.


Intuitive inner artworks


Art Alchemy is the process of transformation, creation and combination to create art which promotes wellbeing, healing, self-actualisation and joy. Art Alchemy may be a personal and introspective journey that takes you from one energetic space to another. The creative process can help you to communicate suppressed emotions, thoughts and beliefs and provide a safe outlet. Using a combination of colour, shape, materials and resources to produce art that is without boundaries and is allowed to flow is incredibly freeing and nourishing for your mind, body and soul.

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