You are not your body, you are a manifestation of pure consciousness residing in a physical body. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience, you are spirit in a body.

I continue to support people to understand that we are not our physical bodies, that our bodies are our vehicles for this lifetime. This is something that I discuss regularly when my clients who have a diagnosis, a dis-ease and a label. You are not your ‘labels’, you are way bigger than that! You are not your body size, shape, weight, colour, gender. You are none of it. Yes, you have it but it is not the true you.

In the present time, there is a campaign; Black Lives Matter. This campaign DOES NOT mean that all lives do not matter, it is addressing the fact that a specific group of lives need to be addressed due to the maltreatment many experience due to the colour of their skin. Some people seem to be struggling with the campaign so let me put it this way; as I write this it is nearly lunch time, my attention is now on lunch, that does not mean breakfast or dinner is of less importance to me today. Yesterday there was a full moon, so many people will complete full moon rituals that does not mean they gave up on the sun’s energy. I am the wife of a Gambian, the mother of two mixed race children and I am white, does supporting this campaign whole heartedly mean I value my life and the lives of other white people less? Of course not! That’s absurd.

So, although I mainly discuss the topic of ‘You are not your body” with regards to body weight and dis-ease I think it is also important to take this fact into account when addressing racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism…all the isms and prejudices. They are put into a slightly different perspective, no?

We are on this earth, in our physical bodies as a way to learn. By being in our physical body we can experience life, the world, the physical.

Whilst it is a pleasure and a joy to take care and make nice of the physical body, it is also important, if not more important to take care and make nice of the spiritual body and all in between for it is that which feeds through to the physical body.

Focusing our attention just on the physical, judging the physical, ignoring the physical moves us into fear.

Whereas, nurturing the spiritual, developing self awareness, moving away from judgement to acknowledgement moves us into love.

We are spiritual beings have a physical experience.

When we incarnate we can experience life, duality, emotions.

In the physical realm this sense of duality allows us to grow, feel, learn. However, as we grow, feel and learn we move away from duality towards a sense of oneness.

We awaken from a state that promotes difference to a state that promotes unity. We can then recognise ourselves in others, knowing that we are all connected and entwined.

Healing one contributes to healing all.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, showing up in different physical vehicles experiencing different colours, genders, abilities and so on yet we are ALL part of one.

We have this privilege, the privilege of experiencing the duality, the diversity, the challenges and this life. Treating anyone less than or indeed greater than is outdated when we know we are all spiritual beings evolving, awakening and unlearning.

Bring awareness, compassion and respect to the table and step away from the old belief systems that judge.

We all chose to be here now. We all chose this experience.

We all chose each other so choose each other.