What is the Divine Feminine and why you should consider aligning with it

The Divine Feminine represents the highest level of feminine expression in the universe. She comprises the best of the feminine in all of its measure and she is within all of us. When you align with your Divine Feminine you can access much wisdom, healing and intuitive vision.

These qualities are incredibly powerful but often we suppress them because we have been taught that being “too girly”, “too sensitive” and “too emotional” is a bad thing, in fact it is a weakness. The Divine Feminine qualities, by some, are considered weaknesses and not to be embraced. Do you ever hear the statement; “Man up!”?

That statement kind of says it all!

Many of us lose touch with our Divine Feminine due mental, physical and sexual abuse, having to repress femininity to avoid appearing weak or to appear as more dominant and masculine, perhaps to avoid getting bullied, to get a job and progress in life.

The Divine Feminine alongside the Divine Masculine represent true balance. The Yin and the Yang working in flow, evenly and equally.

To suppress your Divine Feminine can create mental, physical and spiritual dis-ease. Reclaiming our Divine Feminine eases dis-ease, reduces stress, reduces cravings, reduces that inner critic, enhances your intuition, enhances your wellbeing and ultimately empowers you and more!

How to Realign with the Divine Feminine

There are many things that you can do to realign but here are a few suggestions that I personally have used over the years when I feel there is a tipping of the balance. I may recognise this in myself if I start to try and control, hear that inner critic saying I should have done this, that and the other or perhaps when I self sabotage by neglecting my needs and pushing my physical body. It never ends well! 

Once you recognise that your Divine Feminine needs empowering you could:

  • Meditate – complete a nurturing meditation with soft lighting, snuggly blankets and warmth
  • Work on your Sacral Chakra – this is the hub of our femininity 
  • Feel your emotions – avoid repressing them, eating them or trying to drink them away, feel them 
  • Have some self care time – self care is important and is not selfish. Pushing, neglecting and/or berating yourself is not addressing the balance. Self care shows you that you care about you too! 
  • Get creative – dig out the colouring, arts and crafts, sewing etc 
  • Begin to like and move towards loving your body – mirror work and affirmations are a good start
  • Self pleasure – I know some feel kinda awkward about this topic and it is probably a blog post in it’s own right but being sensual grounds you. Sensuality brings you to the here and now and exploring what makes your body feel good is very empowering. So maybe a little self pleasure is needed? 

To help you further you may like to join the Meditation and Activation under the New Moon on Friday 12th March at 7pm.

The New Moon Meditation and Activation is for you if:
  • You want to align with your divine feminine that is nurturing and powerful
  • You would like to release some limiting beliefs
  • You want to get in touch with your creative side and feminine side
  • You want to enhance your inner knowing
  • You want to feel in control of your body
  • You want to cleanse and balance your Sacral Chakra
The Guided Group Meditation and Activation Journey:
  • I will begin with Information on the Shakti Power and I will show a very quick way to activate it
  • A Guided Group Meditation and Activation
  • An explanation as to why I want you to bring a jug or jar of water!
  • Discussion on a short ritual I would like you to do
  • Q&A
You can Carry on the Group High Vibes at home using:
  • The FREE Sacral Chakra Affirmations and Journal PDF to support the activation because your sacral chakra is the hub of your divine feminine
  • The 5 Day Self Care Challenge (also FREE)
If you want to enhance the energy further on the night you may like to wear something orange (visible or not!) and bring a small glass of orange juice.
The New Moon energy is perfect for this work as we align with conscious manifestation and I can’t wait!
I appreciate that many have been affected financially recently so I am offering this on a donation based exchange of your choice. The suggested donation for the Meditation and Activation would be £15 but please pay as you feel.
On the morning of the 12th I will email you all the information you will need for the evening and the zoom link, the Sacral Chakra and Affirmation Journal and the 5 Day Self Care Challenge. I will email the address you use on PayPal, unless you let me know otherwise. If this is your first email from me please check any spam folders if you haven’t received your email.
I look forward to connecting with you under the New Moon and aligning with the Divine Feminine.