“What is conscious language and what does it have to do me?”

Conscious language is something that I have been aware of for many years and I understand and accept the power of words whether spoken or not.

When working as a teacher with children who had additional needs I would always make them aware of how the words they used, and especially the words the used repeatedly, would become their reality. I taught them how to reframe and then carried on this work with clients because it is so important that we are aware of our inner self-talk.

Conscious language acknowledges what is being said and then gives you a choice, do you accept it or refute it? It is beneficial? Does it need a bit of reframing?

Your thoughts plus your words create your reality.

That’s how powerful you are.

I appreciate it is challenging at times, not to mention tiring, to be on the ball with each and every thought and word. Your subconscious runs approximately 95% of your thinking so you are not even consciously aware of some thoughts! However, there is hope, the thoughts that you are aware of and your spoken words you can control. You can choose empowering words over disempowering words.

A week ago I said to my friend; “I need a break.” July was an exceptionally busy month, it was fab but it was full on and physically I needed a rest. Later that day a baking tray ‘jumps’ out of the cupboard and bam I get my break, I actually take it a little further and get a compound fracture. Now, I know this is a little extreme but it was what I needed. I am now a week into my toe healing journey and am feeding my soul with sketching, journaling, meditation and the downloads are coming thick and fast, my intuition has heightened significantly because I am looking after my physical self and nourishing my emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Would a holiday have provided a break? That was kind of what I had in mind when chatting to my friend. Probably not quite in the same way as I am sure many of you know what is involved when travelling with children! Right now I am getting a break. I received what I needed so I could argue that I did need a ‘break’ but the language could have been more beneficial to allow me some time and space to rest without a physical break of a bone!

My point here is that be careful with your language. It took me most of the first week to accept my thoughts! I knew I needed the rest but why like this universe, why?! I had to move into acceptance of my own thoughts to allow the healing to take place. I allowed it. I created it. I had to accept it.

My break got me thinking around the phrase “be careful what you wish for” which basically means use conscious language wisely. So I thought I would share a few tips about conscious language and see if you can shape your reality for the better and avoid breaking bones!

  1. Be very conscious of what follows the word “I”. What follows I is an affirmation to the universe that does not distinguish between good and bad, it just is. When you say “I am….” then repeated, believed and aligned with, you are.
  2. Reframe the I shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t. Choose empowering statements that do not focus on negativity. You have to let go of limiting beliefs and state something like “I make better choices now.”
  3. Be careful of “not” such as “I am not good at…” reframe to “I am developing my skills in…” Don’t put yourself down, be your own cheerleader!
  4. When you are aware that you have thought or said something that is not wanted state: Cancel, cancel, cancel or delete, delete, delete. This is a deal I made with the universe that when I slip up I will state that and it gets cancelled! Intention is everything so IF I believe that whatever was said or thought is now dissolved, then it is. It is done.
  5. Practise using “I am”, “I have”, “I will”, “I can”.

Take notice of what you are thinking and what you are saying and observe how your reality shifts when you are using conscious language.

Let me know how you get on.

I believe in you!