A New Chapter

Today my new website went live and marks the start of a new chapter for my on a personal and professional level.

I started The Holistic Coach back in 2013 and have always a toe remaining in it even when I was going through some very difficult times with my health after the car accident. My business reflects who I am as a person, what I believe it and what I do and the new website reflects a whole lot more of me than ever before. It wasn’t the easiest transition to get here, there was a lot of resistance, luckily I had a few tools in my kit to keep me in flow! I had initially wanted to keep the art and design part of my work separate to the holistic coaching part, however, part of what I do is support people to recognise and acknowledge ALL parts of themselves as a whole, so why keep it separate?! As I thought about it and chatted with people it became apparent that I had to put all of what I do into the light and practise what I preach…get out of my own way!

I have grown and evolved and now my website reflects those changes.

On my website now there is holistic health, colour coaching, art alchemy and intuitive design. These are all my passion and I am so happy to be sharing it with you today.

I would like to offer everyone 10% off a consultation, session or reading as my way of saying thank you for supporting me. This is valid for anything booked in July.

I welcome any feedback you may have and look forward to connecting with you.