Having an attitude of gratitude has become more openly discussed, promoted and researched over the last five years or so alongside research that highlights how beneficial having a gratitude attitude is for our mental health.

We all have experienced gratitude at some point in our lives, for me it feels comfortable, safe, secure and simply wonderful and it is that feeling that if we can cultivate on a regular basis will help not only our mental health, but our physical and spiritual wellbeing too.

Gratitude isn’t just saying “thanks” it is feeling grateful in the whole of your energy system and this can sometimes be tricky particularly if you feeling unwell, surrounded by negative people or in a difficult financial situation to name a few. When I am struggling to be grateful I tune into a memory that I am grateful for or a memory of when I felt grateful and spend a few minutes generating the feeling sometimes longer. This can take a little practise but it is worth it because taking the law of attraction into account it makes sense that the more you feel grateful the more you will have to feel grateful for, now who doesn’t want more of that?

The benefits of a gratitude attitude are limitless because the more gratitude we practise the more positive circumstances and situations we create. Everything is energy so when we projecting positivity out into the universe we align with positive people, opportunities, we basically put ourselves in the right place at the right time.

Not only that our physical, mental and emotional health wins. Feeling grateful will help improve your bodies functions because it helps to release the hormones endorphin and dopamine that can help lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol, alleviate depression and help you to sleep better.

You can practise a Gratitude Attitude in many ways, I personally like to spend some time each day if I can to feel into the emotion and it is much like a meditation practise and I also like to end the day listing three things I am grateful in my mind before I sleep. I used to write them down in the past, in fact I did that for years but it began to feel like a chore which is obviously counterproductive! Having said that, keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to practise gratitude.

The main thing is do it! Cultivate your Gratitude Attitude, do it often and FEEL it. There is no point writing in your journal feeling nothing, that is just a list, you have to feel the gratitude in mind, body and soul.

What are you grateful for right now?