Ego and Intuition. How do I know the difference? 

I get asked this question a lot and particularly when working with new clients who are adjusting to their new knowing that they are co-creators of their lives and that they are way more than their linear mind.

Our linear mind is logical, literal and loves to rationalise things. This is useful when dealing with day to day life and all that is involves such as emails, phone calls, remembering to buy more bananas and replace your daughter’s shoe laces again (maybe that is just me?!).

Intuition, on the other hand, shows up as something feeling right, an urge to do something or not, it can show up to guide us to eat or avoid a food. Intuition doesn’t always show up in a magical way that stops us in our tracks it can be rather dull! My intuition often guides me nutritionally and with keeping availability in the diary ‘knowing’ there will be something I will be called to do such as supporting a client last minute, a poorly daughter or a need for me to slow down.

“The Intellect has little to do on the road to discovery. There comes a leap in consciousness, call it intuition or what you will, and the intuition comes to you, and you don’t know how or why.” Albert Einstein. 

The subconscious ego mind’s primary purpose is survival whereas the intuition, also known as the superconscious mind, is often spontaneous, flows, actions and reactions are in divine timing and intuition knows the interconnectedness of all this is.

Mind blowing, right!

Here are some of the key indicators to become aware of when ego or intuition are communicating to you.

However, one of the easiest ways to decipher the difference is to stop yourself and ask; “Am I making this decision/doing this action based out of fear or love?” You always have that choice.

The ego is reactive, worried and attached whereas the intuition is responsive, receptive and connected.

Is it time to start tapping in to your intuition?

The Three V’s – Three Ways Your Intuition maybe Communicating with You


Do you ever have a “little voice” inside your head that says: “You left your phone in the car” or “leave the party now”? That voice is your intuition communicating guidance and it is important that you listen because it is there to support you. Voice may also come from our external world such as lyrics in a song, an advertisement or via somebody else.


Visions can come from within via dream, a day dream, in meditation, a deja vu or very suddenly something seems to appear out of nowhere. You may get flashes of scenes from the past or future.


Vibration is connected to feeling, for example walking into a room and sensing there is tension, a change in temperature when entering some buildings, making a call or sending a text to someone because you just felt you needed to check in with them in that moment which turned out to be significant. Vibrations can be high and low, we all omit a vibration and intuition supports us to tune in on others without any form of communication. Intuition can show up as a knowing of something or a feeling that won’t budge and then later it all makes sense.

I typically experience voice and vibration when working and in every day life. What you say can give you a clue as to how your intuition is communicating to you. The key is to accept it and avoid questioning it.

“I hear you.”  “It sounds as if/like.”

“I see what you mean.”  “It looks as if/like.”

“I feel.”  “I get a sense of.”  “It just feels right.”


There is no right or wrong way to connect with your intuition.

Tips to Develop Your Intuition

  • Meditate – Quiet the ego and allow the intuition to be heard. If the ego keeps talking, allow it, notice the thoughts as they pass and focus on a nice steady breath pattern.
  • Nature – Get out in nature, taking in the beauty and magnificence of mother earth and notice your thoughts.
  • Trust your gut – Your gut instincts are a guide, what is it communicating to you?
  • Journal – Write down your thoughts without controlling or trying to be neat, just let words flow on to the paper.
  • Diary – Keep a dream diary writing down what you can recall and see if it resonates, if not now it may tomorrow.
  • Follow your feels – When you feel drawn to act, act and act fast! The ego likes to interfere and highlight all the risks but magic happens just outside of your comfort zone.
  • Make peace with your ego – Remember you are not your thoughts but at some point they may well have served an important purpose. Soothe it with affirmations, reassurance and love.

I hope this gives you some clarity as to the difference between ego and intuition.

“When we have an intuition, a mental image of a possible future, we’re getting flashes of memory from our Birth Vision…” James Redfield.