Energy Protection; what does it mean and why does it matter? 

Throughout our day we are connecting with others sometimes physically but always energetically, be that connection with a thought, a conversation, standing in queue or walking past in a park. We spend a lot of our time in some form of energy exchange with others.

Some energy exchanges leave us uplifted and energised whilst others leave us drained, fatigued and sometimes anxious. It is important to notice how energy exchanges leave you feeling. Have you ever had a conversation with someone and slowly felt your energy drain away? Chances are the other person was looking bright and energised and you needed to go and lay in a dark room to recover!

This blog will support you to learn how to release what does no serve you and how to protect your energy. Protecting your energy is important for several reasons. Everything is energy and protecting your energy needs to be done regularly and definitely daily if you are going through challenges or those close to you are.

The Aura

An aura is an energy field and all physical matter has an aura. For human beings, this field is sometimes called the human energy field, or subtle body and is positioned outside of the physical body. We also have energy centres within the body which connect to the aura, known as chakras. There are seven main layers to the aura and seven main chakras.

The main functions of the aura are to detect, protect, absorb and react. Your aura needs to be taken care of as much as the physical body because day to day life involving stress, pollution, toxins from products and food to name a few can cause holes, gaps, tears and weakness. Our energy field is magnetic and attracts negative and positive thoughts, feelings and vibrations whether you are aware of this or not. If there is an accumulation of the negative it can leave you feeling tired and wired and this can be the first sign that your aura and chakras are unbalanced and you need to have better energy protection.

A VERY Important Tip

It is essential that before you protect your energy you clear it because you do not want to ‘protect’ low vibrations within your aura, you want them gone, pronto.

There are three main steps that I personally do and guide my clients through. It is simple and effective, the winning combo.

Steps to Sovereignty

To be a sovereign being is to stay in your personal power and not to give it to others consciously or subconsciously and here is how.

You have probably heard of GPS, Global Positioning System but CGPS supports you to tap into an even more advanced system and no subscription required!

Clear, Ground, Protection, Sovereign aka CGPS

Step One – Clear

You MUST start by clearing your energy and here is one method that I use. Sitting or standing with your feet firmly on the ground, place your hands on your heart centre and take 3 deep breaths then relax your arms. Imagine you have a cord traveling from your heart down through the bottom half of your body and down towards the earth’s centre. Go slowly and be conscious of the process. Once you sense you have reached the centre, sense a crystal, this crystal is for you to wrap your cord around 3 times, this is to secure you. Then state: I lovingly return all energy that is not mine, I return to sender with love, I release all (anxiety, stress, worry about money etc). Allow what no longer is serving you to be released. Somedays you may not have anything specific you would like to release so you may decide to state: I release all lower vibrations. Trust your intuition to prompt you.

Step Two – Ground

Now that your cord is wrapped around the crystal, you now can ground your root. Imagine giving your cord a tug, and ensuring there is no slack and that the cord feels strong. Get a sense of feeling connected with the earth and grounded. Tap into a sense of belonging, purpose and feeling rooted. Then energetically travel back up to your heart centre.

Step Three – Protection

From your heart space imagine your energy travelling up through your throat, third eye and crown chakra and connecting with your Higher Self only. Invite your Higher Self to provide you with protection. Imagine a column of golden light surrounding you and protecting you; mind, body and soul. Take your time to build this golden light to be as dense as required. When you are having difficulties I would recommend you create a denser column.

You may like to you use this quick two minute meditation below to help you to connect to your Higher Self.

Step Four – Sovereignty 

Once connect to your Higher Self and are protected you are stepping into your personal power and becoming a master of self. I will explore spiritual sovereignty in more detail in another blog but for now the main thing is for you to use CGPS and look after your energy.

Take care of your energy so that it can take care of you!