Mental Health Matters to You, Me and Dupree! 

This week in the U.K. many have shared their mental health stories and tips and got involved in Mental Health Awareness Week hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. The focus has been connecting with nature to support your mental health because nature really is one of the greatest healers.

Mental health should be a top priority to you, me and Dupree! Each and every one of us should prioritise our mental wellbeing because when we allow ourselves self – care, sleep, time out (be that in nature or on the sofa watching re runs of Friends), releasing our mental burdens, forgiving ourselves, exercise and nutrition you can function with more cylinders.

It is easy, however, for us to slip into self neglect, disassociation and ignore signs and symptoms that there are some areas in our lives that need addressing, be that; work, relationships, the food we eat, health challenges, social media or negative self talk. This list is not conclusive by any means and many overlap.

Looking back, I can pin point the less colourful chapters in my life and I would say that anxiety in one form or another has always presented itself and depression would come and go. They both still do but the visits are few and far between.

As a child, things weren’t always easy for me. I had issues around identity and belonging which may explain my passion for seeing beyond a label. I was quite an extroverted introvert and had no idea I was an empath! I had a phobia which I may share more about another time and this shaped a lot of my decisions and choices.

My adult life felt smoother, then I got pregnant and my physical body got hit hard! Again another story I won’t go in to but I was very unwell both physically, emotionally, and mentally.


After a diagnosis of PTSD, I found the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and was astonished at how quickly I could start leading the life I wanted. I was so blown away by it. I changed my career path and trained as an EFT Practitioner and the Master Practitioner in 2015.

Things were going well, really well, but also in 2015 I was in a car accident.

It was a pivotal moment in my life, a game changer, that I am NOW grateful for but it took years!

My little business was going so well I had many wonderful clients, I was featured in a magazine, I was on the radio and had opportunities opening, opportunities that I turned down because I felt ill, so very ill. My cylinders were leaking! I was getting weaker and weaker.

I would sleep sometimes on the treatment couch between clients, I was losing so much weight and I felt nauseated all the time.

Test after test, I had no idea why I was so ill.

Then, the end of 2017 I finally had a diagnosis of a vestibular condition. This was when I was grateful for a label! You see, 2016-2017 I was pretty much bedridden and the school run was a major achievement and showering a daily goal.

In December 2017, I felt that I could not live through another year feeling the way I felt. I was at my lowest, my mental health was at zero and I wasn’t talking, telling many people at all how I truly felt. I am naturally quite a private person so I have to work hard to be vulnerable and speak my truth because I know my truth may help some of you. Although, this is in my past, it was a major chapter that shaped me into who I am today.

I had a wonderful friend who said; “Rebecca, live by the second.” And that is what I did. Second by second I lived my life.

Ok, surviving not thriving but progress over perfection. Always.

I dug deep, and when I felt I couldn’t dig any more, I dug deeper. I built resilience. I showed up when I didn’t want to every f’in time. I had hypnotherapy, homeopathy, cranial sacral therapy, pendulum healing and I found art!

I had the desire to be well and I stripped back years of conditioning and unlearnt so many things.

I met my shadow and I called her up and together we, in fact all parts of me began to heal the seemingly unheal-able.  I was told to go home and make adjustments that ‘this’ was how I will be now. Looking back it was THAT comment that made me fall deeper into the darkness but it was also that comment that allowed me to understand what I was physically dealing with. Once I had that I knew which therapies to choose and it lead me to the root cause rather than trying to manage symptoms that persisted.

Several days of pure mental agony, I rose up: “I am NOT choosing that”, you see I fully understand that when you are in a dark space it’s hard to function, it’s hard to sleep, eat and chat but second by second make one small choice and build it.

You can fake it, like I did here in the photo in 2017, but I can recommend many others things!

Here, I felt nauseated, I only ate a limited amount of food and only vegan, I had a very low blood pressure, I was dizzy and I was in pain both physically and mentally.

Mental Health Matters.

It matters because you are important. You matter.

You may be in a dark space space today and you may even be there tomorrow but I am proof you can get out. Yes it will take time, as much as I have a magic wand aka a pendulum and crystal quartz wand, they don’t create all the magic needed. Some of the magic has to come from within, from the subconscious and being open to healing.

Healing is a journey, it is not always easy but it is always worth it.

You are not your anxiety and you are not your depression.

You are a spirit having a human experience.

Please reach out if needed, reach out to someone, you are not alone.

You are an alchemist!