Welcome to my guided meditations page, where you will find guided meditations to support you to connect to your innate ability to tap into your inner wisdom, create conscious change and bring the brainwaves into an alpha state to benefit from healing. Feel free to try before you buy and add The Miracle Tree for Healing Meditation to your cart for FREE, as my way of Paying It Forward and saying “Thank You”.

In addition, ALL proceeds from the meditations go to the charity Fresh Start Foundation with 10p providing a child with a school meal, you can feel good and do good at the same time. So, one meditation will provide 50 school meals to vulnerable children in The Gambia.

Some meditations contain affirmations and commands that directly talk to your subconscious and when listened to over time with create powerful shifts and healing. The combination of the two create Transformational Inner Power Statements or TIPS, I created the term TIPS because affirmations are short sentences that stand you in your “I AM” presence and commands are short statements that allow you to create conscious change beyond boundaries. Using the two together is incredibly powerful because you command what you want and you affirm your acceptance of that change and so be it.

TIPS work with both your conscious and subconscious mind to align, energise and motivate you influencing your subconscious mind and affirming what you want to the universe clearly and precisely. TIPS enable you to transform your external world using statements, bringing you into alignment by removing subconscious blocks that prevent you from achieving your desired outcome and align you with your health, wealth and happiness goals balancing mind, body and soul.

It is your subconscious mind that stores beliefs and behaviours and is responsible for approximately 95% of the decisions you make daily. Our lives are as Bruce Lipton states are: “A printout of our subconscious programmes…” (The Biology of Belief). Therefore, if we want to create conscious change in our lives we need to reprogramme the subconscious beliefs that unintentionally sabotage our conscious efforts, meditation and TIPS support you to do this.

These meditations will still be effective if you fall asleep and allow the TIPS  to be heard by your inner mind whilst you rest.

Each guided meditation may be downloaded once payment is complete. I am always creating new meditations so keep coming back to check out what is new and if you can’t find what you are looking for please do let me know.

I hope you find a moment of peace to receive the benefits of meditation.

With Love


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