Personal Soul Portrait

Personal Soul Portrait

Your soul expressed in sacred geometry, shapes, light codes and colour. 

Have you ever thought about what your soul would appear like expressed as a piece of art?

I intuitively create Personal Soul Portraits by tuning into your higher self, which is always connected to the divine source. I will then express your soul in sacred geometry, shapes, light codes and colour. The soul has many layers and so will the art, creating your own personal grid. I will channel the shapes, codes and colours that represent you. You are unique with your purpose and vibration so no portrait ever looks or feels the same.

Each Personal Soul Portrait begins with a hand drawing of a channelled symbol received after permission to connect with your higher self. It is this symbol that represents people’s energy in its highest and purest form. From there, colours and shapes start to flow and I sense an individual’s essence which is always an honour. Then a mandala is created and more colours and symbols maybe integrated but not always, each portrait is different and holds a different vibration but always matches the soul it is created for. It is an organic intuitive transition from symbol to portrait allowing me to reveal a soul in sacred geometry.  Sacred geometry is easily accessed by the soul and the subconscious mind and will support healing, transformation and give inspiration. The colours will emit a frequency that matches your soul colours so it will raise your energetic vibration bringing many benefits because the portrait can be viewed much like a gateway.  It has the potential to activate your fullest potential when used with pure intent. Using your portrait in a meditation will support your journey to self-actualisation, having the portrait where you will see it often is beneficial because it will not only boost your energy but the energy of the room also.

There are many benefits to be received when working with your personal soul portrait such as:

  • Awakening who you truly are
  • Awakening your purpose
  • Activating your full potential
  • Healing of the physical, emotional, mental and light body
  • Receive divine guidance
  • Your Personal Soul Portrait will arrive printed on a high-quality A5 300gsm paper and they look outstanding framed. It also comes with a document on how to use your Personal Soul Portrait so you can access all the benefits it has to offer.
  • Optional upgrade of your Personal Soul Portrait onto a Canvas ready to be hung up and raise the vibration in any room.
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I have placed my personal soul portrait in my meditation alter which is an area where only high vibe stuff goes! Rebecca, it is simply stunning, I love it. Just glancing at it makes me feel better. I often gaze at it before a meditation and it takes me on lots of new and exciting journeys. Thank you for your hard work.