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Discover your earth and soul colours. 

How does knowing my earth and soul colours benefit me?

Everything has a colour including you, your name and your soul and each colour has its own unique vibration that is affecting you whether you recognise this or not. The colours we see, wear and eat affect our mind, body and soul and it is through science that we can begin to understand the effect. The use of colour is both a science and an art available to us all.

The names given to you at birth hold a vibration, and that vibration will omit a colour. Depending on how many names you were given will dictate the number of colours that be revealed by your name and what your name colour is, it will also highlight which colours you are missing as this needs to paid attention too. Each colour reveals a lot about you as an individual on an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Your soul also holds a colour. Your soul is the essence of who you truly are, it is your core undiluted. You have a primary soul colour that surrounds you and its meaning can help you to understand more about yourself at a deeper level. Your soul colour can help to raise your energetic vibration and align you with your true self. Your personal soul colour is balancing for your energy so it is advisable that you see and connect with this colour frequently.

Your Personal Colour Reading will provide you with a downloadable informative reading stating your personal ‘earth’ colour which is held in your energy during this lifetime and your soul colour which surrounds you, protects you and holds wisdom for you to tap into at any time. You will discover what each colour means, which colours will be particularly beneficial to you and which colours are not in your energetic field that you would benefit from incorporating. It will also address which personality traits that will be supported by your colours and what traits you should be aware of if you overdose in any given colour. There really can be too much of a good thing!

Taking into account everything is energy and that colour omits energy which we not only see but feel, if you know which colours are beneficial for you it can guide your decision making with choosing what to wear for specific events and day to day, what colour foods to eat, what colours and art to have in your home and workplace right through to the branding of your business. When you know your colours you can consciously make choices that raise your energy vibration for optimum health and wellness from a place of balance.

Your personal colour reading

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“Wow! What a wonderful Personal Colour Reading I had from Rebecca.

I was surprised at all my colors but particularly interesting we’re the colors that I need to wear for balance. They’re the colors that I love BUT I don’t wear them much! So this was eye opening. Even the fact that they would affect my health.

My personality was explained exactly, to the point of some traits not obvious or known even to friends but of course to me. I found this fascinating and in some way more understood.

Thank you so much Rebecca for a wonderful Colour Reading.
I will be referring back to it daily.”

Marie Morris

“The funny thing is green and blue are my favourite colours, but I live in an urban area and I spend my whole time absolutely craving spending time out in nature, either near trees and green and fields, or by the sea or water and sky, so I can literally breathe in the green and blue, so craving them so much must mean that I am actually deficient in them!

I am amazed at the purple colour vibration, every bit of it resonates with me, it is so accurate, and the gold, and I love knowing now how I can use these colours to my benefit, I never had a clue before what my colours were so I am going to enjoy working with these so much.

Knowing the shadow side of my colour will help me immensely, one line I have re-read so many times, about how ‘purples’ are aware that the universe is in their hands but so many choices leaves them overwhelmed, that is completely me but I’ve never been able to pinpoint what that feeling is or word it like that, until now. Brilliant.

Thank you so much Rebecca, I will use all of this information, so beneficial.
Cathy Brett