Aura Healing

Aura Healing

Taking care of your energy to support your wellbeing. 

Tired and wired and not sure why?

An aura is an energy field and all physical matter has an aura. For human beings, this field is sometimes called the human energy field, or subtle body and is positioned outside of the physical body. We also have energy centres within the body which connect to the aura, known as chakras. There are seven main layers to the aura and seven main chakras.

The main functions of the aura are to detect, protect, absorb and react. Your aura needs to be taken care of as much as the physical body because day to day life involving stress, pollution, toxins from products and food to name a few can cause holes, gaps, tears and weakness. Our energy field is magnetic and attracts negative and positive thoughts, feelings and vibrations whether you are aware of this or not. If there is an accumulation of the negative it can leave you feeling tired and wired and this can be the first sign that your aura and chakras are unbalanced.

If the aura becomes filled with toxins from our physical environment, negative emotions from ourselves and/or others and processed foods to name just a few it not only affects the aura but the chakra energy centres in the physical body too. This creates an energy loop, whereby the ‘toxins’ cycle around constantly and you feel exhausted, tired and drained. If this loop is not broken there is no healthy energy to send to the physical body and this is when dis-ease may show itself.

Aura Healing will break the loop, by clearing the unwanted from your energy system and creating a lighter, brighter aura for you to support wellness. This includes three face to face sessions in person or online and resources but distant aura healing can be completed upon request.

Auric subtle body levels

Session 1

Clear, Repair and Strengthen 

The first session is to clear all non-beneficial energy from all 7 layers of your aura, chakras and to address any emotions that may be arising for you at the time. The session will end with an aura cleansing meditation. This session will repair and strengthen your aura. You will be provided with an energy report via email after the session to track your progress.

Session 2

Protect with colour 

The second session is all about colour protection. After completing another clearing of all non-beneficial energy you will learn about which colours to choose for protection depending on what you are doing and where you are going. This session will end with a colour protection meditation of your choice. You will be provided with a PDF about each colour and when to use it before the session so that you can add notes if needed.

Session 3

Connect with your higher self 

The third session will connect you with your Higher Self because this is the wisest part of you that has infinite knowledge and understanding. Your Higher Self is thought to reside in the Ether and is here to guide and support you. Connecting with your Higher Self daily will guide you on your daily life with decisions, direction, resolutions and will increase your intuitive abilities so you will begin to intuitively feel when you need to top up on protection and do some aura clearing. During this session you will also be given a useful pdf on how to clear negativity energy from your home, space and energy and how to maintain it.

Sessions 1 – 3

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