Throat Chakra


Use this Meditation and Activation and PDF to clear, balance and boost your Throat Chakra to speak your truth with confidence.


The Throat Chakra is part of the “Seven Body Chakras” and the Throat Chakra is connected to our ability to communicate verbally with confidence.
If your Throat Chakra is blocked and imbalanced, it can manifest physically and emotionally. This could mean that:
  • You are fearful about speaking your personal truth
  • You have a hard time expressing your thoughts, emotions, feelings and needs
  • You feel anxious about speaking or communicating
  • You avoid confrontation at all cost
You can also experience:
  • Sore throats
  • Swollen glands
  • Sinus problems
  • Disorders of the throat, mouth, teeth or gums

If you are experiencing any of these, you would benefit from some Throat Chakra healing.

You may also present as the “quiet friend”, “shy friend” or the “introverted one”. This is not necessarily a bad thing as some people prefer to just listen in the conversation, or maybe they’re just saving their energy for the serious conversations but for some people, they choose to be the “quiet friend” because:
  • They are often afraid to speak up
  • They hesitate to voice your opinions around others
  • They settle with following other people’s opinions
  • They are people pleasers 
Does this resonate with you?

If you are saying YES to any of these, then it’s time that you need to open up your Throat Chakra.

This program contains a powerful Meditation and Activation to open up and balance the throat chakra to leave you feeling more confident in your ability to speak your truth and express yourself. The PDF contains guidance on the foods that will support you, affirmations, journal prompts and more so that you can express yourself with ease.
A balanced throat chakra allows you to express your thoughts, feelings, emotions and needs freely and without fear.
Are you ready to speak your truth?

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