Shadow Sketch


Receive your personalised A4 Shadow Sketch on 170gsm paper, a channelled message from your shadow and a workbook to help support your inner work of working with the shadow and achieve more vitality, energy, personal awakening and authenticity.

Your shadow will be intuitively sketched and may include light codes or sigils that are relevant to you. Some shadows will include some colour but not all reveal any colour. Please note your shadow is not a portrait of you but of your shadow personified. Are you ready to face your shadow?

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This package will support you to connect with and embrace the wisdom of your inner shadow in a safe and supported way because your shadow is a powerhouse of untapped energy, resources, and knowledge that you can easily connect to for moving past deep-rooted fears and blocks.

Power, clarity and awareness of self can shift your timeline from fear to freedom and the workbook will show you how using a combination of meditation, visualisation and pendulum healing techniques.

Shadow work is emotionally freeing and healing, the benefits of which include:

Healing from past pains and hurts
Freedom from unresolved traumas
Acceptance of journey brings peace
Awareness of self brings confidence and calm
New treasure is found as the old is forgiven
Busting through long held blocks that kept you from your soul’s path
New friendships and relationships enter your life
New avenues of transformation are open to you
Enhanced energy as you free parts of yourself – you become more light
Increased creativity and joy

This is deep healing work so…
Are you ready to take the next step into the unknown?

Your shadow self is waiting to be heard.

After purchase please email a recent photo of yourself so that I can tune into your energy and before your original sketch arrives in the post, you will receive a photo (jpeg) of your shadow and the workbook as a PDF so you can connect with your shadow before they arrive via the post. Price includes FREE delivery. Please allow 5-7 days to receive your jpeg image and workbook.




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