Animal Totem Sketch


Your sketch and the workbook will help you to discover your Animal Totems and Animal Spirits that can walk by your side and provide you with so much inner strength and wisdom. The workbook will support you to develop and strengthen a connection, and once the connection is established you can work at your own pace exploring and working with animal totems. Transformation is yours if you want it.

You might call upon an Animal Totem or Spirit when you require:

* Healing
* Strength
* Clarity
* To overcome a fear or barrier
* To develop a skill
* Spiritual advancement
* Protection

What’s included:

* About Animal Totems
* Animal Medicine
* Signs and Synchronicities
* The Three Totems
* A Meditation to Connect
* A Power Prayer to support the connection
* Animal Totem Qualities
* TIPS (Transformational Inner Power Statements)
* Channelled Animal Totem Wise Words
* Space for your intentions, goals, notes and reflections

After purchase please email a recent photo of yourself so that I can tune into your energy and before your original sketch arrives in the post, you will receive a photo of your Totem Animal (jpeg)  and the workbook as a PDF so you can connect with your Totem before they arrive via the post. Price includes FREE delivery. Please allow 5-7 days to receive your jpeg image and workbook.

I hope that you enjoy working with your Animal Totems as much as I do.


Love and Light



Receive a bespoke sketch of your Totem Animal and a channelled message of guidance and support from your totem. In addition, you will receive a workbook on how to connect and strengthen your relationship with your totem. Begin a magical connection with your Totem Animal today.


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