Metaphysical Anatomy

Metaphysical Anatomy

Your body is talking, are you listening? 

How much do you think Your life could change if YOU Listened to what Your Body has to say

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us but quite often we don’t hear the messages until we feel some form of discomfort. Rapid Growth Technique is a process that releases trauma and stress from the root cause even if you have no conscious awareness of the original problem/trauma. Rapid Growth Technique examines the connection between the physical and emotional body and easily releases the built up stress.

My own personal health has been my biggest teacher with regards to understanding how trauma affects a person’s wellbeing and emotional state. My own journey and the privilege of supporting so many others on their journey reveals time and time again that unresolved trauma can make you feel physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually unwell.

Trauma are serious from the big obvious ones through to the small less obvious ones. It is important to consider the physical discomfort first and exploring the body’s messages be guided to the root cause trauma. The trauma may be an early childhood memory and feeling of abandonment, a rejection from a peer, tripping over or being stung by a bee or it could be a near death experience, physical assault, injury, chronic illness or loss of a loved one. What is important to consider is how the individual felt in the moment and they all tend to lead to a threat to their safety and/or survival.

The first step is to understand the impact that the trauma has on your life because trauma can leave a strong predisposition and cellular memory of a traumatic event and it can influence your health, relationships, career and daily choices. Having conscious awareness of the root cause trauma isn’t necessary as the subconscious mind is able to address it and support the healing process. Quite often the limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviours behind unresolved stressful and traumatic events are subconscious so it is the subconscious mind that needs to be address.

During Metaphysical Anatomy sessions a combination of  more traditional talk therapy is used alongside a range of techniques and intuition to support the mind, body and soul to achieve wellness.


One Session 90 mins £117

Explore your physical and emotional pain and resolve the subconscious patterns, behaviours and limiting beliefs that cause dis-ease. 


Three Sessions 90 mins £307

For those who are ready to address and resolve long term physical or emotional imbalances and embrace a transformational journey. 

To book please email: to arrange an initial FREE Clarity Call to discuss your challenges and ask any questions you may have.

Rebecca is a very kind and nice person. A very good professional, she is there to help in any way she can. Always compassionate and makes you feel comfortable to open up. Very glad that I started working with her.

Ana Ribeiro

Since working with Rebecca my headaches have gone! It is amazing. I was unsure of what would be involved when working with Rebecca but she assured my throughout and I felt I could be totally honest and truly myself each step of the way. She combined several methods and it has worked so well, I am so glad we met and so are my family! Thank you xx

C Roberts

I feel so good. I’ve been walking around feeling lighter not in weight necessarily just weight gone from my mind and shoulders. I just feel generally calmer. Thank you so much. Rebecca you have inspired me. 

Teresa Stear

I have had digestive problems all my life and they can be very debilitating. I initially contacted Rebecca to have Nutritional Therapy but so much more. I had no idea how the mind and the body are connected in this way and I am so grateful that now I understand how my emotions affect my stomach. I feel lighter, more energised and better than I think I have ever felt. I guess I thought I’d always feel ill. Thank you so much Rebecca you are a wonderful woman who is incredibly talented.

Lindsey Evans