EmPowerMent Class: Money & Me

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The EmPowerMent Class: Money & Me is intended to support you to start creating the life you desire. If you believe that you will never have enough money for all you need and want then this class is for you to support you to rid this belief that is holding you back.

For many of us there is a huge disconnect between what we would like and what we actually allow ourselves to receive. Why? Subconscious thoughts. Our subconscious thoughts rule most of our thinking, so even though we may consciously want something, our subconscious mind may have different plans! But don’t worry, we have access to simple and effective tools that have the potential to transform our lives.

This EmPowerment Class will involve you being reflective and proactive, and as with most things the more effort you put forth, the more shifts you will create. Changing your thoughts around money will create a ripple affect so commit to the class and reap the thought seeds you plant today.

Welcome pdf

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Introduction to Tapping/EFT Video

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EFT Tapping Points and Instructions pdf

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Manifesting with Pennies Video

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The Money Room Visualisation

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Money & Me Journal

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EFT Tapping Meditation

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Setting a Money Goal & EFT Script

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Empowering Beliefs – Money Affirmations

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