It is very easy to become stressed and overwhelmed with the challenges that we face in our busy daily lives. It is also easy to lose our sense of purpose and direction and become unsure of what we would like to achieve in our lives. We need to realign our mind, body and soul to move forward in the areas that have become out of balance, it maybe our health, finances, relationships, career or maybe it’s something else for you that needs to be brought back into balance. Whatever it is, clearing the clutter from your mind will enable you to clear space for your life to move in the direction you want.

The package includes 4 sessions and each session of EFT for stress release and guided meditations and mindful visualisations to support you to cultivate your inner guidance system, a system that you can trust when making decisions and will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and restored. You will be able to empower yourself, drawing from your inner power. The meditations and visualisation maybe personalised to support you with where you are on your journey now for example with a physical symptoms or to increase your confidence.

You might like to focus these sessions on: boosting your general well being, reducing stress, increasing self-esteem and self-acceptance, reducing pain, mindful eating, mindful birthing. Please feel free to contact me if there is something specific you’d like to address.

Fee: £250 / 5% of the fee will go to the charity Fresh Start Foundation and pay for 100 school meals for children living in poverty for more details about the charity’s work please go to

Payment instalments are available. Please call Rebecca on 07736 431388 or email to inquire and book.