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Aligning with the results you desire.

Are you ready to up level your business and align with the life and business you desire?

Rebecca offers bespoke business growth development training that supports you and your team to become effective communicators, emotionally intelligent leaders who are responsive to change, confident and motivated. Rebecca will work with you and your team ensure that the training results aligns with your businesses goals and intentions, covering topics that will create the desired results.

If you and your team are ready to delve deep into untapped professional potential, bespoke business support will identify personal areas for growth, work towards eliminating anxieties and emotional and mental restrictions.

Below are examples of the Bespoke Business training modules that can be delivered as a stand alone module, in sets or to achieve a big changes as a series. Each module includes all resources required and can be delivered face to face or via zoom, with individuals having the option to access one to one support if required.

If the modules are being delivered in sets then there will be homework, good homework! Homework that will allow you time to implement changes and reflect on those changes. Learning is wonderful but it is self mastery that creates the conscious changes.

The contents of training can be tailored to meet the needs of your business so please get in touch to discuss what you need and find out how Rebecca can support you and your team to achieve it.

Business growth development training

Session 1


Explore your communication style and learn how to effectively communicate with other styles.

Session 2

Positively Assertive

Learn how to be assertive and get what you want without manipulation.

Session 3

The Power of Sales Psychology

Using Emotional Intelligence to increase sales.

Session 4

The Power of Persuasion Psychology and Influence

Learn how to seal the deals.

Session 5

Conflict Management

Explore and establish a style that will work for you and your business.

Session 6

Public Speaking and Presentation skills

Forget the nerves and fear of judgement and stand up with confidence.

Session 7

Business Writing Skills

Developing your tone on paper to be clear and concise.

Session 8

Exploring Procrastination and Self Sabotage

Learn why you do the things that hold you back.

Session 9

Leadership Development

Explore different styles and tap into the Transformational Leader within you.

Ready to up level your business? Contact Rebecca to discuss your business development needs and create a team with energy that aligns with the business vision, collaborates, gets results and more!

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