Colour Healing

Colour Healing

Enhancing your wellbeing with colour. 

How will can colour help heal my mind, body and soul?

Colour is everywhere, whether we consciously notice it or not, it is having an effect on us. Colour is light and energy and we are able to see it because it reflects, bends and refracts.

Knowing this, colour can be used to our advantage to affect our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Colours have a specific frequency and vibration which hold specific properties and it is these properties that may be used to affect the energy of our bodies.  For example, the colour blue, when this colour enters through our eyes it can have a calming effect which can help reduce stress. It is important to note that colour can also be accessed through our skin.

Colour Healing can create positive change from reducing stress, depression and anxiety and to provide motivation, inspiration and energy.

If you have a specific condition that you would like to use colour healing to support your wellbeing please get in touch and find out how colour can create change for you.

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