Life can be challenging and sometimes a chore. Most of us are trying to get a balance between our family lives and work lives and that’s without even considering our social lives. Stress ‘overload’ will leave you burnt out physically and mentally damaging your cells and stealing your energy. Stress relievers such as food, alcohol, shopping or mindless facebook swiping are a temporary fix and won’t stop or heal your stress levels. Chronic stress will sabotage your health, wealth and happiness so balance your stress on a mental, physical and emotional level with this 4 week program.

“Take care of your body it is the only place you have to live.” – John Rohn

Session one: Nutrition 

Stress affects the body in so many ways is our digestive system gets hit badly because when stressed your body releases the hormones adrenaline and cortisol and diverts the blood away from the digestive system. This leaves us with poor digestion and unwanted symptoms that go along with that. The brain is also affected due to poor digestion and we tend to make bad decisions with food, at work and life in general. But, it’s not all bad news this can be reversed with good nutrition. Session one with involve an analysis of what you are currently eating and then creating a nutritional plan that will take into account your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and the need to de-stress and enhance your wellbeing.

Session Two: Stress Release

Stress increases cortisol so this session will reduce it, significantly. This session will provide a psychological massage! You will be taught the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and reduce the stress in your body and mind. You will gain clarity, feel more in control and release unwanted stress.

Session Three: Visualisation and the Law of Attraction

Mindfulness brings us to the present moment, it allows us to appreciate what we have and gain clarity on where we want to go. This session includes a mindful visualisation to support you to cultivate your inner guidance system, a system that you can trust when making decisions.  You will be able to empower yourself, drawing from your inner power and significantly reduce stress. The session will also include an introduction to the Law of Attraction and how to bring about more energy, opportunities and abundance.

Session Four: Reassess that Stress

The last session will focus on a specific goal will reduce your stress and enhance your well being. Using EFT we will begin to get your mind and body into alignment with your goal and you will feel focused and refreshed ready to conquer the world with an inner drive not driven by stress.

What’s Included:

  • An EFT tapping script
  • 10% off a food intolerance test
  • 10% off an EmPowerMent Class

Fee: £250 / 5% of the fee will go to the charity Fresh Start Foundation and pay for school meals for children living in poverty for more details about the charity’s work please go to

Payment instalments are available. Please call Rebecca on 07736 431388 or email to inquire and book.

This package is also available via skype.