About Rebecca

Rebecca Daffeh is a UK based Intuitive Artist, Colour Therapist, Nutritional Therapist, Life Coach, Kinesiologist and Level Three EFT Practitioner blending therapies to help people achieve their wellbeing goals. Rebecca began her career as a specific learning difficulties teacher with an interest in how the mind-body connection can improve learning after discovering how effective Brain Gym (kinesiology) can be within the classroom and for general well-being. She retrained in holistic health and is passionate about getting to the ‘root’ cause of people’s pain, cravings, emotions to empower them to lead the life they want. Rebecca works with people who are ready to align their mind, body and soul and step out of their shadow. She offers consultations, meditations, online at home sessions and products.

Rebecca’s life changed in 2015 after she was involved in a car accident and was subsequently diagnosed with a vestibular condition. Not one for ever accepting a label, Rebecca was using all the tools in her kit and manages her health holistically. It wasn’t always a comfortable journey and in order to know the light, we must acknowledge the darkness. One evening in January 2018 after asking the universe for some guidance she felt guided to pick up a pencil. The pencil led her, she had no idea what the final outcome would be. Afterwards, it became clear that she had drawn her shadow, the part of her that she was at the time yet to integrate. Through art, good nutrition, meditation and using the techniques she had trained in Rebecca began to recover and The Lunar Life was created.

As Rebecca continued on her healing journey colour therapy played an important role in her art and she found a passion for colourful abstract art combining sacred geometry, lights language, symbols and colours which can be accessed by people’s subconscious minds to inspire, motivate, transform and heal. Her art is now being delivered worldwide with all of Rebecca’s artworks having a story behind it. It is intuitively created with love and with the intention to create positive change for the mind, body and soul.

Rebecca is also a co-founder of a U.K. registered charity and Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in The Gambia called Fresh Start Foundation. Rebecca has been travelling to The Gambia since 2001 and after witnessing children working on the streets to raise funds to pay for school fees, uniforms and books she felt called to do something to support. Rebecca has always been passionate about education, and more specifically inclusive education, and at the time was completing her teacher training qualification. The right to education is something that she is incredibly passionate about and in 2006 the charity was established to support vulnerable children and communities. One of their biggest achievements to date is that in 2013 the Fresh Start Foundation opened its doors to its very own school that now educates over 400 vulnerable children and ensures that the school is equally accessed by both girls and boys. Supporting girls through education is a fundamental part of the charity’s work and Rebecca continues to promote and fundraise for this worthy cause.

One of the ways Rebecca fundraises is by donating a percentage of her business profits to the charity and selling meditations as a way of providing people with a method of being mindful and charitable at the same time, allowing you to feel good and do good!

Visit the fresh start foundation website